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Restaurant and Institutional Kitchen Metal Work
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   CHR Metals does stainless steel fabrication, stainless steel wall covering, stainless modification and repair work, for restaurant and institutional kitchens. Below is an image gallery of restaurant and institutional kitchen stainless steel jobs, that CHR Metals has completed. You can hover over a thumbnail, for a brief description, and click on it, to view a larger image. To submit a project that you would like an estimate for, use the E-mail link at left, or give us a call at (417) 869-0500 and ask for
Richard. You can also submit a quote request to us via fax, at (417) 869-0502, or email Please be sure to include your contact information, with your request, and we will get back to you shortly. Thank you and we look forward to working with you!
Custom built and installed ice cooler, for an outdoor kitchen
Decorative stainless steel wall panels with small reveal between sheets, at an architectural design firm
Decorative stainless steel wall panels, with small reveal between sheets, at an architectural design firm
Polished stainless cashier window counter with pass thru tray.
Close-up of quality of welded and polished stainless steel countertop corner
Stainless wall covering and stainless skirting between top of hood and suspended ceiling by CHR Metals
Long stainless steel wall in new restaurant kitchen
Other side of long stainless steel wall in new restaurant kitchen
Custom stainless bar and countertops
custom stainless spice rack for well known Italian restaurant
custom stainless steel cabinet
stainless steel  will soon cover this ugly old wall
a stainless wall job begins with 20 ga. stainless steel bull nose tile flashing
moving along with 20 ga. #4 stainless wall covering
nearing the end and looking so much better
this stainless wall covering job took only two nights to complete and everything is back in place
transformation by CHR Metals - awesome new stainless steel kitchen wall in a well known local restaurant
stainless cover/mount for warmer
stainless rail behind restaurant
custom stainless serving line2
custom stainless steel serving line3
custom stainless steel cabinet/countertop with backsplash
cracked sink before repair
close-up of repair weld on cracked sink
custom add on pass thru shelf
custom heavy duty serving tray caddy brackets
serving tray caddy stainless heavy duty brackets
stainless chase to cover and protect exposed plumbing in a restaurant kitchen
stainless steel chase protects exposed plumbing in a restaurant kitchen
stainless counterflashing on dishwash line
Quality aluminum TIG weld by CHR
Stainless steel wall in progress in a Branson, Mo. restaurant. Work done at night so as not to interfere with normal operations
Same project as previous image, completed and everything back in its place in time for restaurant kitchen AM shift
Stainless trim around a school cafeteria serving window
close-up of fit and finish ob stainless wall opening
Custom stainless steel table and overhead compartments, with polycarbonate windows that we made and installed in a concession truck.
Large, stainless steel pass through and countertop
Custom sliding doors for a restaurant condiment bar
Custom 3/16" stainless steel floor grates, for a restaurant kitchen, showing fresh cut and finished out
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